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ARS Breakout Rope Bag

The Breakout Rope Bag is designed to give the end user the ultimate flexibility in rigging and rope deployment. With true double-ended construction, users can rig efficiently out of both ends without the fear of rope binding. The bag also opens completely from top to bottom allowing access to the middle of the rope or permitting the user to “escape” the bag even while deployed from both ends. When you need a rope bag to work for you and not against you, choose the ARS Breakout Rope Bag.

The ARS Breakout Rope Bag operates as a traditional rope bag, but offers two other opening methods as well:

Traditional top opening rope bag for straightforward, traditional rescue configurations, feeding a single strand from the top of the bag.

Opening from the bottom of the bag, by releasing the end cap gives access to the opposite end of the rope. This can then be used for creating anchors, edge restraints or creating the second, redundant system (more on that later) without having to bring another rope to the scene.

This arrangement splits the bag from top to bottom, with a full-length zipper. This opens the entire bag, converting it into a deployment tarp, or an improvised edge protection piece, and allowing access to the entire length of the rope.


  • 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon -Ripstop Nylon top and bottom ends with drawstring closure.
  • Hinged bottom end cap secured by three heavy duty “G Hooks”.
  • Padded back panel for long approaches or climbing.
  • Padded shoulder straps with sternal clip.
  • Full-length zipper, velcro, and snap closure allowing bag to be fully opened from top to bottom.
  • Exterior gear daisy chains and available pockets.

Available Sizes

200’ Ft. ½” Rope Capacity

200’ Ft. ½” Rope Capacity w/ side pockets

300’ Ft. ½” Rope Capacity

300’ Ft. ½” Rope Capacity with side pockets

Available Colors

Red, Blue, Orange, Black and Multicam. *Additional colors may be available upon request.

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