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AJAX Rescue Tools Covid-19 Sanitizing Kit

Developed and used by the Firefighters from the City of Beloit, Wisconsin Fire Department, this innovative idea using the AJAX Rescue Tools to help protect against the COVID-19 virus.

They adapted some of the components that are in the AJAX Air Hammer Rescue Kits and a SCBA cylinder to make a portable “on the go” disinfecting device for sanitizing ambulances, rescues, engines, aerials, rescue equipment and living areas. Use appropriate PPE and follow policies set forth by your department.

For those Agencies that already have existing AJAX Air Hammer Rescue Kits all you will need is a spray gun to make the Sanitizing Kit..

The AJAX Covid-19 Sanitizing Kit, consists of the following:

  • 1 Ajax Air Regulator (Model 8250H)
  • 1 Female coupler for Regulator
  • 1 Ajax ¼” In. Air Hose (15’ Ft.)
  • 1 Female coupler for hose
  • 1 Spray Gun
  • Note: Make sure that you set the air pressure according to the spray gun instructions.

Model No. Covid-19RK

MSLP: $429.00

Our Featured Price: $364.65

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