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Stanley DS11 Diamond Chain Saw Package

DS11 Diamond Chain Saw

The Stanley Diamond Chain Saw brings new technology to the concrete cutting industry. Using segments impregnated with diamond and laser welded to the saw’s chain, you can cut concrete (including wire or rebar reinforced), brick, concrete block, masonry or stone. Whether you are in construction, remodeling, demolition, maintenance or rescue, Stanley has a saw and chain combination to complete your job efficiently and productively.

The Stanley DS11 Diamond Chain Saw is used for heavy duty cutting applications involving concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and other masonry products, and stone. Features ergonomic handles and guards to reduce operator fatigue. Plunge cutting and square cutting are not an issue.

Plunge cut capability of the DS11 allows quick cutting of window, door, conduit and duct openings in walls and notching and trimming of concrete pipe. Ergonomic handles and guards help to reduce operator fatigue and provide protection from contact with the chain or materials being cut.

Heavy-duty cast aluminum chain guard prevents a loose or broken chain from being thrown from the saw. Compatible with HTMA Class II hydraulic systems, the DS11 can be powered from a Stanley compact power unit or any properly equipped hydraulic source.


  • 18-inch bar capacity
  • 7-9 or 12 Gpm (26-34 or 45 lpm) operating range
  • Water lubrication cooling
  • 18-inch plunge cutting depth
  • HTMA quick disconnect couplers included on all models
  • Wallwalker® features provides leverage for cutting

Pinnacle 32 Diamond Chain

The newest generation of diamond chains with a breakthrough in diamond chain technology dramatically reduces the chain wear of cutting concrete. SealPro™ technology extends chain chassis life by up to 50% or more, simplifies water pressure requirements and reduces the frequency of chain tensioning adjustments on concrete chainsaws.

SealPro™ technology incorporates a patented new chain chassis design that seals out the abrasive contaminants present in the concrete cutting environment. A unique 0-ring design seals the rivet-joints of the chain, keeping the abrasive materials out and the lubrication in. Diamond chains with SealPro™ work at much lower water pressures than non-sealed diamond chains, completely DIAMOND CHAIN TECHNOLOGY eliminating the need for water booster pumps.

The new chains can be used with water from an ordinary garden hose and will yield excellent chain life at pressures as low as 20 psi. No booster pump means simpler setup, reduced time on the job and less water to clean up afterwards.

Other important advantages of SealPro™ technology result from the reduced chain stretch that occurs as the user gets full value from the most expensive component of the cutting system…the diamonds. It also means fewer tensioning adjustments over time. The chart below will help you select the correct chain type for

The Stanley DS11 Diamond Chain Saw Package includes the following:

  • 1 – Stanley Tools DS113000 Diamond Chain Saw
  • 1 – Stanley Tools 56803 Pinnacle 32 Diamond Chain. 15” Inches
  • 1 – Stanley Tools 30305 DC15 Sprocket Nose Bar, 15” Inches

MSLP: $4,487.40

Our Featured Price: $4,150.85

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