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HALO Rigging Anchor Plate ISC

The all new HALO Rigging Plate/Ring from ISC features multiple holes, giving you 360* degrees of anchoring options for better load equalization of forces. Great for system anchors, litter bridles and many other rope rescue applications.

The pinnacle of any rope rescue training or rescue is the use of a tensioned rope system. Tensioned rope systems can be deployed for building and tower evacuations, in the mountains to cross a hazard, or used to control a boat in swift water rescues. The HALO, due to its symmetrical design, is the perfect collection plate for reeving systems and control ropes in tensioned rope system operations. Most carriage pulleys are heavy, oversized, and expensive. By incorporating the HALO into your system, the user can continue to use their “everyday” rope rescue equipment. This means a lighter and more versatile hardware kit.

Floating the rigging focal point is a valuable technique in all rope rescue environments. I would rather have the focal point secured in space (i.e. floating) any day versus having hardware banging on rock, trees, dirt and for our urban users, concrete and steel. Having the focal point elevated to a workable height also prevents tripping hazards and prevents physical fatigue from constantly squatting and bending over. Because the HALO has 360 degrees of rigging apertures, additional anchors can be collected to improve the stability of the rigging focal point to prevent deviation, improve the strength of marginal anchors or to stabilize the HALO as a floating rigging focal point. We have all experienced a situation when usable anchors just don’t line up with the rescue location. Again, the rigging flexibility of the HALO allows for multiple anchors to be collected so the rigging focal point can be secured where you want it to make your rescue effort more efficient. This floating capability became the inspiration for the HALO brand! Just as the halo of an angel floats above its head, the HALO floats above the ground…with a little help from creative rigging of course!

Product Description

HALO Rigging Plates are machined from superior grade Aluminum

Halo Plates feature a central hole, surrounded by six equally spaced apertures, each of which is capable of accommodating multiple carabiner connections

Allows the user multiple loading options

Sizes range from small to large

HALO Rigging Anchor Plate ISC, Small, Colors Black or Red

MSLP: $29.00 Each

Featured Price: $26.15 Each

HALO Rigging Anchor Plate ISC, Medium, Colors Black or Blue

MSLP: $46.00 Each

Featured Price: $41.50 Each

HALO Rigging Anchor Plate ISC, Large, Colors Black or Gold

MSLP: $95.00 Each

Featured Price: $85.50 Each

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