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Responder Wipes

On-scene decontamination wipes to remove toxins firefighters are exposed to in the line of duty.

Responder Wipes are developed by a firefighter for firefighters. These firefighter wipes are uniquely formulated with micellar water, an innovative ingredient with cleansing compounds that dissolve dirt, oil, soot, and other toxins and contaminants. Responder Wipes draw out the impurities from your pores while hydrating your skin more effectively than traditional body cleansing wipes.

According to a NIOSH study on firefighter cancer rates, firefighters are at increased risk of certain types of cancer because of occupational exposure. Responder Wipes assist firefighter decontamination after a fire and reduce contaminate exposure levels by dissolving hydrocarbons that remain on the skin after a response.


  • These on-scene decontamination wipes help remove the risk of harmful contaminants, toxins, and soot without irritating the skin
  • Formulated with micelles, tiny oil cleansing molecules that work like a magnet to capture and lift away dirt, oil, soot, and other harmful matter from the skin’s surface without harsh rubbing
  • Each x-large cleansing wipe is 12″ x 24″
  • Thick fabric ensures the wipe does not shred, tear, or ball up when used
  • 3-year shelf life
  • Self-dispensing carton

15 Individually Packaged Wipes P/Carton

Our Featured Price: $29.85

Case of 4 Boxes (60 P/Case)

Our Featured Price: $119.40

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